Ka Ta Tong Buffet


Ka Ta Tong Buffet – Thong Sala

If you love the grill, BBQ or just love making your own food, enjoy the experience, you can not miss this unforgettable barbecue buffet thai style.

Enjoy the buffet in a cozy atmosphere. Decorated in modern style. Yellow and black, like a container, makes the shop look unique.

There are many angles to choose from. No matter where the top floor will look private. Or is it the bottom that is suitable for eating groups and families.

Interior decoration It looks modern and unique with decor. Decorate with a nice light fixture. Perfect layout The chandelier hanging down from the top makes the shop look very elegant and stylish.

As well as Meat, Seafood & Vegetable they have a big range of salads, sweets and sauces for your enjoyment.

Will over 50 different types of meat and seafood you can make your own combinations and try out new ones to suit your taste. Its an experience in its self cooking the food and tasting your own cooking skills.

Including other dishes that are seasoned meticulously. Choose fresh vegetables.

All the selection of meat is good quality and the seafood selection is massive and freshly prepared each day for your enjoyment. Only fresh local ingredients are used for cooking BBQ Hot Pan style in Thailand!

Everything from Seafood to all types of meat and vegetable. Comes with a delicious sauces some spicy, some sweet. If anyone loves to grill. Buffet style so you can eat as much as you like, but please try to not waste food.


Location: On Thong Sala Road, Baan Tai Haad Rin

Opening Hours: 17:00 – 23:00 pm

Contact: 061-8150801