21th Dec – Shadows, Breath & Eros – Deep Experience


We invite you, brothers and sisters, lovers of life to participate with us in this healing journey.

2 Days of incredible experience in the field of intimacy, love, emotional healing, shamanic breath, shadow hunting, animalistic nature, feminine & masculine qualities and self initiation.

This is more than a workshop, its an intigrated life training where we come together as a tribe, a tribe that is being born, again and again, a tribe of freedom, love and inner power.

The sacredness of being is going to be the space of us, for us.

Together we will dance, breathe and explore our emotional body, our shadows, eros and creativity.

Its a deep dive for those of us who feel ready to meet both the darkness and the endless light in the core of our being.

Were going to have a group of expirienced assistance and two facilitators to hold this deep process.

Its a wonderful space to explore alone or with a partner.

For more details and registration you are welcome to pm or write us a mail to:

This workshop is for people that are in the field of emotional work and tantra/sexuality for some time and not for total “beginners”.

Location :Genesis yoga studio, coconut lane, Koh-Phangan
Dates :21-22.12
Hours :10am-21:30
Cost : early bird price is 2900 baht until the 12.12.
Regular price :3500 baht.