21th Mar – A Gathering of Men-The 4 Masculine Archetypes


The Warrior, the Lover, the Magician and the King are 4 masculine archetypes that are psychological deep-seated in every man and thus can be accessed as a source of energy and guidepost . Conscious or unconscious they influence our way of behavior and thinking , that what represents our masculine identity. Truly being a man means to bring the archetypes Warrior, Lover, Magician and King to a mature and balanced form. The concept of the archetypes goes back to C.G.Jung and is first of all to be understood as an energetical phenomenon.

In this Workshop you will get to know the 4 archetypes, attain insight how it works and then explore each of the archetypes in practical exercises

We will support and empower each other in a safe space.
We will work with practical and efficient exercises.
We will use our simple tools, the voice and the body.
We will improve your understanding about yourself and the archetypes

This is for you if you want to…
learn about the concept of the archetypes
Bring more consciousness into your being
Embrace authenticity and integrity
Learn to live your truth
Experience the power of brotherhood
Discover limiting patterns in yourself
Connect and have fun with other men on the path

Time 15:00 – 18:00

Limited spaces.
Please write a message to me (Alexander Orth)

Alexander is part of chreis.ch a community of men that organizes different men workshops in Switzerland. He is a Possibility Manager, is trained in being a facilitator for the Community Building Process (by Scott Peck) and passionate about creating spaces of openness,connection,support and empowerment!

This workshop is open to men of any faith, political opinion, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation. All are welcome as brothers, in an environment of confidence, respect and acceptance.