17th Mar – O X A Beach | pres. Berlin Calling


Colorful glittering, bright clear
lures next to a gold-shimmering sea-bed
the legendary O X A B E A C H

Unaffected by all the thunderous confusion
dancing full of joy, countless multitudes of colorful fishes, glowstarfishes, glitterphangananemones,
shimmering trumpet-crabs and sparkling
unprecedented headdressed aquarists.

So we are told:

O X A will rise to us on Sunday 17th of March with a special,


The dancer can then breathe a breath of infinity, feel and discover all the magical senses and grasp all the incomprehensible.

So let yourself be enchanted by the wonderfully bizarre blue,
of harmonious sounds and sparkling color magic.

Dive into water, sea, and light
and become part of magic and dance!

Oh sea the very foundation of all life

Oh sea you mother of all being


oceanic rhythms from:



( Lass uns tanzen | Deus X | Club Liberté – Berlin)

Born and raised in the in the south of germany A.D.H.S started Djing in his Highschool years as a HipHop Dj. After training his scratching skills, A.D.H.S started to discover electronic music through Artist, and later Idols, like Solomun, Maceo Plex, Thomas Schumacher & Stefan Bodzin. While still in school he became crazy about electronic music & clubbing and made himself a solid base of nightlife connections. He even founded his own event organizations „Lass uns Tanzen“ & „Deus x.“ which are active in Germany and Austria. Playing a variety of different electronic styles A.D.H.S has affection for melodic and bass filled sounds. He’s notorious for firing huge techno and house bombs at the crowd causing massive
dance floor damage, but he is also able to shift his energy into a soulful deephouse track selection. Whatever! Are you ready to get A.D.H.D with A.D.H.S?


(Criminal Bassline | Bar 25 | Bordel des Arts – Berlin)

After his first musical attempts in hip-hop in the city of Hamburg, “vom Feisten” arrived in Berlin and has found his new home in the electronic club scene. His musical style is particularly in progressive deep house with techno elements.

With releases on labels like Mukke, Bridge and Mischpoke he has made a lot of friends in the scene and played groundbreaking sets in the best clubs in town like KaterBlau, Sisyphos, Ritter Butzke only to mention a few. He is thrilling the dancing masses from the beginning until the end. Performances in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Austria, Poland and Switzerland show that “vom Feisten” is an artist you should keep an eye on.



(Betriebsfeier – Berlin)

Stan’s sound can best be described as “techno with heart and soul”.
Away from short-lived trends, he likes to play with persevering sets under the skin of his audience, creating those magical moments on the floor that make club nights or festivals special.
Acoustic empathy! Stan’s extraordinary ability to internalize the mood of the moment. See. Perceive. Feel. Play. Driving techno / tech house sets with a hefty shot of Stan Starry.
His style?
Different! Unlike the others, Stan is one of many. One of many people you meet on the dance floor. Maybe the one who puts a smile on your face. Maybe the one who puts the sweat in your eyes. Maybe the one who lets you dream. Maybe the one who helps you escape the next hours of gray reality. Stan gives his sets a soul. His soul. Your soul. Honestly.




(Bordel des Arts – Berlin)

Living in Berlin, Mona Moore played her debut set at world-famous KaterBlau club not too long ago. Her love to electronic music, though, evolved a lot earlier: in the early 2000s. Her style is described as deep Tech House with a groove. While at the decks, Mona Moore pursues a philosophy that clearly follows her own passion: „Share my love to the music, and forget about time and space for a couple of hours dancing.“

https://soundcloud.com/monamoore https://www.facebook.com/mona.moore.berlin/


(New Stylez Rec. | Lou Music – Berlin)


(Big Riddim Fstvl – Esp)

A DJ born in Murcia, Spain, he got into music from a very young age, enjoying a wide variety of styles such has hard rock, metal, hip-hop, funk, soul, etc. It wasn’t until late 2001 when he left the band he had played guitar for that he fell in love with a new style: break-beat, a genre dominated by artists of the size of Plump DJs, Krafty Kuts, Stanton Warriors… etc.


He can be characterized as a DJ who always plays a highly exclusive selection of music, who is constantly on the lookout for the latest hits. With a very energetic and elegant touch, he interacts with the audience, creating an environment full of energy. He likes to innovate and experiment with new sound effects, with an excellent technique developed through years of cutting, mixing and creating long effects. His DJ equipment consists in a Macbook Pro, Traktor Pro and Kontrol X1, in which he is able to mix digital and analog recordings (Traktor, CDs and Vinyl Records).
His taste consist of a wide variety of electronic music, like Techno, Deep House, Dubstep, Electro, Indie, Electro House, Breaks and Drum&Bass. He likes to create all types of progressions in his sessions to avoid been stuck in the same rhythm. He is able to understand the mood of his audience, and let them lead the session though their energy.
In other words, he is a hurricane who will make you dance until your legs can’t take anymore!

He has shared stage with artists such as Tantrum Desire, Moby, Dj Murphy, UTO Karem, Bookashade, Superpitcher, Document One, Far Too Loud, 2 Many Djs, Umek, Marco Carola, Popof, Dub Elements, Stanton Warriors, General Midi, Rennie Pilgrem…


Having attended numerous parties where the breakbeat was the predominant style, he started to identify more and more with this genre. In late 2003, he decided to buy some DJ equipment and started performing as a DJ, pushing himself into the field of electronic music. In 2004 and 2005, he helped organize of several events and raves in Murcia, Spain. In 2006, he started his own promotion company, “Big Riddim”, and he started organising his own parties and events. At this stage, his interest was in underground sounds such as Breakbeat, Drum&Bass, Electro. Two years later, he gambled on this type of music and started promoting his own events across the Venues and Dance Clubs of Murcia. Up until this point he had organised a total of 9 events in different venues (Sala Gamma, Nuevo Garaje Tia Maria, Royal Place, Discoteca Novo). 2012 can be considered as his most successful year, organizing three massive events (known as Big Riddim Festival) with an average assistance of 700-1200 people. Big International names such as Tantrum Desire, Document One and Far Too Loud have participated in these events.


(Cartel de los Amigos – Bel)




Bubbles Corner
create the most beautiful and colorful bubbles

Hulla Hoop
join the hip swing school


Simsala Bar

Silver Kitchen


Entry 500B | Free before 8pm
Discount for Residents = 200,- B
[ The Residents List is Available on Request 24 Hours before the doors open