Orion Ang Thong Marine Park Tour


Marine Park Cruise With Orion – Angthong National Marine Park Islands is an archipelago of 42 islands and is a protected area, famous for its natural beauty, situated in the Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand abundant with coral and marine life, and natural beauty. These islands hold some wondrous hidden treasures and what better way to enjoy these sights than with Orion.

Angthong, literally means ‘golden bowl’, and occupies almost 250 sq km and includes 50 sq km of limestone islands. Rocks cliffs and rock formations rise dramatically from the sea. Caves, hidden lagoons and white sand beaches are there to be explored and snorkeling among the shallow coral gardens.

Our Cruise Schedule

8 – 8.45 am – Pick up from resort between 8 – 8.45 (depending on location)
9.00 am – The boat leaves from Thong Sala or Ban Tai at 9 am (departure point dependable on the weather and sea conditions), and returns at around 5.30 in the evening.
Upon arrival at boat, there is an array of snacks, fruit, soft drinks, and tea and coffee to welcome you aboard.

10.20 – 12.00 – Swimming and Snorkelling at Koh Wao, or Koh Tay Plow.
Snorkelling in crystal clear waters, you will see a great variety of beautiful tropical fish, and other marine life. Orion is fully equipped with top-quality snorkeling gear. Lunch is a delicious help-yourself buffet of traditional Thai food, including spicy curries and seasonal fruit.

12.15 – Ao Ka Beach at Koh Wua Talap Island.
Here you can choose to go to see the caves with beautiful limestone formations which is
about 50 minutes walk or to the view point, or just relax and enjoy the beach.
Probably one of the best hikes in the islands of the Gulf of Thailand. Here,there is a path leading up the side of the rocks. This will take maybe 30 minutes to walk up, and well worth it. But be warned, this is not a hike for the faint hearted. Make sure you have good
footwear as there are sharp limestone crags which will be your foothold, especially
towards the peak. With a breathtaking view of all the Ang Thong islands, the end result
of the hike is well worth it. This trek will justify the trip to Ang Thong alone.

3.30 – Na Tap Beach at Koh Mae Koh.
On Mae Koh we visit the beautiful emerald lagoon Talay Nai, surrounded by steep
limestone cliffs, where the scenes are breathtaking.
A short, steep climb to the viewing platform offers a stunning panorama of the
picturesque islands that form the National Marine Park on one side, and a breathtaking
view of the emerald lagoon on the other.
Here if you have chosen kayaks, you can explore the rock
formations and caves.

4.45 – Depart Angthong Marine Park

5.45 – 6.00 – Arrive back in Koh Phangan, and transfer back to your resort.

Cruise Options
Standard Cruise : Return transfer from most areas of Koh Phangan.
This price includes buffet light breakfast, with tea and coffee and soft drinks, and fruit. Buffet Lunch, green curry, somtam, vegetable salads, chicken in breadcrumbs, tuna sandwiches, seasons fruit, and soft drinks.

On board is a diving board, snorkeling equipment, beach towels and toilet, and adequate shade to be out of the sun if you so like. Entrance fees are not included in the price. There is beer for sale on board.

We recommend that you bring: A sun hat, a change of clothes, and ample sunscreen, and good foot-wear for any hiking.

Children 4- 10 years – HALF PRICE
Children under 4 years – FREE


Please Note: Orion does not follow a strict programme, but this is just to give you a rough idea of the day’s plan. If during the day, the weather conditions alter, then the plan change

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